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If You Receive Support

How to Receive Child Support Disbursements

Effective February 7, 2012, the Kansas Payment Center discontinued the use of paper checks and began sending all payments electronically.

Your choices are (select option for more details):

Key2Benefits Debit Card (Started 8/8/2016)

Direct Deposit into your checking or savings account

JPMC NOW Debit Card (Prior to 8/8/2016)

*Important Note*
If you have not yet enrolled in direct deposit or debit card, you will be automatically enrolled in the Key2Benefits Debit Card when your next payment is received and the payment will be deposited into that account.

    Kansas Payment Center P.O. Box 758599 Topeka, KS 66675-8599 phone: 877-572-5722  
    The Kansas Payment Center is funded by the Kansas Department for Children and Families  
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