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If You Mail Payments to the KPC

If you choose not to send payments electronically, please follow this guide for mailing support to the KPC. At any time, you may change to using KPCpay or EFT instead of mailing checks. Although you may send in payments for different employees in individual checks, it is more practical and economical to combine them into one check.

Kansas’ income withholding law requires each individual payment to be identified with:

  • The employee’s name and social security number,
  • The full court order number, including the Kansas county identifier (Example: SA98DM000999),
  • The exact amount of support you are sending in for that case, and
  • The date of withholding (e.g., the payroll date).

To help you (or your payroll service) prepare this information, we’ve created the Employer Payment Template. This is an Excel™ spreadsheet that you may save and update for future use. You do not need to have Excel™ software to use this template, but you do need to have compatible spreadsheet software. The template includes a key to Kansas county codes (county identifiers), which are needed to fill out the form. Complete the template, print a copy (and a copy for your records, if you choose), and enclose the printout with your check when you mail it to the KPC.

Using the Employer Payment Template is optional, but it prevents copying errors and saves you time as you complete payroll tasks each pay period. It also helps us to record payments more quickly and accurately at the KPC.

Click here for the Employer Payment Template.

Payments and their identifying information should be mailed to:

Kansas Payment Center
Post Office Box 758599
Topeka, KS 66675-8599

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Kansas Payment Center

P.O. Box 758599 Topeka, KS 66675-8599

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