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Making Payments

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Kansas Payment Center and how to send in the support payments for your employee(s) most efficiently and accurately. Your employee’s family counts on the support you send as much as your employee counts on his or her pay check. They appreciate the attention and care you give to making sure it arrives at the KPC on time, ready to record and forward.

If you have more than one employee whose support payments need to be sent to the KPC, Kansas law allows you to combine them into one payment. You must clearly identify:

  • Each employee’s full name and social security number,
  • All the cases by full court order number (including the Kansas county identifier), and
  • The exact amount to be applied to each case.

Always include the name of a person we can contact, and that person’s phone number or e-mail address, with any payment you send to the KPC. If any of the information listed above is missing, or if the total amount of the check does not match the case information, we cannot record the payments until we have contacted you for accurate instructions.

If you have outsourced your payroll functions and need to coordinate KPC remittances with your payroll service, please review the information under the heading “If You Use a Payroll Service.”

Electronic Payment Options

Whether you are a small or large employer, we encourage you to take advantage of electronic options to send support money to the KPC. We now have two methods to offer you:

  • KPCpay, our online payment system. Whether you have one employee and one order, or many employees and many orders, KPCpay may fit your immediate needs. KPCpay probably works best for smaller employers (less than 50 employees, or less than 15 income withholding orders), but it may be used by any employer.
  • Traditional EFT, which usually works best for larger employers (50 or more employees or more than 15 income withholding orders).
Advantages of electronic remittance
  • Electronic remittance allows support payments to be forwarded to families quickly, accurately, and efficiently.
  • Electronic remittance provides security and eliminates delayed, lost and stolen remittance checks.
  • The KPC is supported by state and federal tax dollars. Your use of electronic remittance reduces the need for mail opening and data entry staff, thereby reducing the general cost of payment processing at the KPC. In the long run, that saves tax dollars for everyone.

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