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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure my payment has been received at the KPC?

When a payment is received at the KPC, it is recorded on your payment history as quickly as possible. There are two ways to review your payment history:

  • Click the Payment Records link at the left side of this screen and go to the payment record you need.
  • Call us. See the contact page for information.

Now and then a payment you expect to see may be delayed – common reasons include:

  • Mail delays, especially between Thanksgiving and New Years, or when large storms cause problems,
  • Missing information, which keeps us from correctly matching the payment to the case, and
  • Errors by employers who send in payroll deductions for support.

Our electronic payment system can help you avoid mail delays and missing information. Your employer can send payments to us electronically, too. Click the link for details about sending electronic payments from you or from your employer.

If a payment seems to be missing:

  • Be sure you have allowed enough time for delivery by the US Postal Service. Normally, it may take up to a week for mail sent within the USA to arrive. International mail can take much longer.
  • Find out when your employer sent the income withholding payment. Kansas law allows employers a full week after the payroll date to send in support payments.
  • Call the KPC, to see if we’ve received the payment but information is missing. Customer service representatives are here between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday (except state holidays).
What if I have an Income Withholding Order?

Support payments are often made through payroll deductions under an income withholding order. If you have an income withholding order, your employer has instructions about where and when to send in payments. If you have questions about the amount or timing of payments being sent to the KPC under an income withholding order, please talk with your employer or the office handling enforcement of the order.

Your employer may now send income withholding payments to the KPC using KPCpay, our electronic payment system. Let your employer know about this new option, which can help employers to send payments quickly, accurately, and at lower cost.

You may choose to make payments in addition to what is being sent under an income withholding order. If you do, please read How to Make a Payment.

Does the KPC charge a fee?

You are not charged any extra fees because your support is processed through the KPC.

In some cases, you may see District Court Trustee fees on the payment history. Those offices may charge fees for monitoring and enforcement—if so, the fee is deducted after you get credit for the full amount paid.

If you sign up for KPCpay and you choose to pay using a credit or debit card, you will be charged a convenience fee for that service. You are shown the amount of the convenience fee before the transaction is completed, so you may cancel it if you choose. These convenience fees will not show on your official KPC payment history.

Does KPC verify funds on large payments?

If KPC receives a $3,000 or greater payment from the payor’s bank account, and if there is no consistent payment history (4 or more payments within the last year that are the same amount, or greater), the payment will be held for verification. Attempts will be made to contact the payor by email or the phone number on file on the day the payment is received. The payor will be informed funds verification is required before the payment can be credited. Documentation from the payor’s bank indicating the payment has been cleared/settled as well as the balance after the payment is required. Please send bank verification back by email to or fax it to 785-232-7536.

If KPC does not receive verification of these funds clearing the bank account, the payment/s will be held in suspense for 10 business days before being processed to the court order for the payor’s support obligation. After 10 business days, the payment will be posted to the court order and released to be disbursed. The disbursement process between banks will take 2-3 business day.

What happens if my check bounces or an electronic payment is reversed?

If your check is returned for any reason, a $30.00 non-sufficient fund charge will be assessed.

All future support payments must be made by money order, bank draft or cashier's check if your check is returned for any reason or your electronic payment using KPCpay is reversed.

If the KPC has already disbursed the support payment and suffers a loss, you are required to replace the support payment immediately. Call KPC Customer Service for instructions about how and where to send the replacement payment. Do not send it to the address for normal support payments—if you do, it will be treated as a new support payment and not applied to your debt to the KPC.

May I pay in person?

No, payments to the KPC may only be made through the mail or electronically.

May I use my bank’s bill payer service?

Yes. Ask your bank how they will make the payments (by mailing a check or electronically) and when they will send the payment, so you will have an idea when payments will arrive at the KPC. As a rule, you’ll want your payments to arrive no later than the regular due date in your support order. Also, please be sure you understand exactly how your bank’s service works when you close the bank account or when the account balance is less than the amount of your support payment.

Will I get credit on my payment history if I pay the other parent directly?

It is up to the court to decide whether to give you any credit if you pay the other person directly instead of sending payments through the KPC. Most courts will NOT give you credit if you do not follow the instructions in your court order (or in a court rule) to send payments to the KPC.

What if I have a question about enforcement?

If you have any questions about enforcement of your order, please get in touch with the office or attorney who is responsible for your case. They can answer questions such as when your payment is due, how much you must pay, your options for catching up past due support, etc. Neither the KPC nor the Clerk of Court can answer questions about enforcement.

I don’t owe any more support—how do I get the income withholding stopped?

This is a question about enforcement. You may check with the attorney or office that has been enforcing the order—and if they agree that you do not owe any more, they will probably arrange to stop the income withholding. If they disagree, or do not act quickly, you always have the option of talking to a lawyer of your own. If cost is a concern, most communities have a bar association (lawyer’s professional association) or legal assistance program for reduced fees. Check your local phone book under Attorneys.

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